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Non-Fun Game

The Non-Fun Game is an in real life (IRL) strategic card game on a mission to demystify the metaverse, blockchain, and decentralized technology. Players learn industry terminology while competing through action cards to be the first to collect three full NFT collections (game cards, not actual onchain non-fungible tokens) to win. While the title plays on the pun of #NFT non-fungible tokens, it's an #IRL activity that you'll quickly find becomes a household favorite.

As a bonus, each of the Non-Fun Gameʻs 40 original illustrations are also actual NFTs stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Polygon Ethereum (EVM) enabled sidechain and hosted on IPFS.

Follow our Roadmap to learn when we'll drop new 10k generative art collections based on card game collections, new expansion cards, and other benefits of being part of our Non-Fun community to spice up game play for years to come.

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Game Overview

The Non-Fun Game is an in real life (IRL) strategic card game on a mission to demystify the metaverse, blockchain, and decentralized technology. Players learn industry terminology while competing through with action cards to be the first to collect three full NFT collections to win.

All the artwork in the main deck are original hand-drawn pieces of art that are also available as NFTs onchain. The Badass Bison pieces were first drawn with acrylic paint on canvas by the very talented Alexis Hove. Holders of each of the 3 original Badass Bison corresponding NFTs have the ability to purchase these gorgeous 3ʻx3ʻ canvases to display in your home or business.

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Web3 Terminology

The following are common web3 terms, many of which you'll learn during the game from action cards and game play.

Back the crowd funding campaign to receive your copy of the physical card game.

Back the Project
  • Web3

    Future of the web, promising user ownership and leveraging blockchain technology for decentralization of data. Web3 aims to remove control of the web from monopolistic tech companies, and return ownership of data and content to its users. Also referred to as the “decentralized web” and the “read-write-trust web.”

  • Wallet

    Used to store private keys for digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs. A cold wallet is a hardware physical device for longer storage and increased security of digital assets and can't be accessed online. Hot wallets are free online software, are less secure but make transfing fast.

  • Wallet Address

    Public alphanumeric key of 26-35 characters (think of it like a bank account number) needed for sending and receiving digital assets. Not very human readible, similar to the early days of IP addresses; often beginning with 0x.

  • Blockchain

    Public digital ledger technology - crypto and ethereum protocols are built on blockchains

  • Burn

    Act of sending a digital asset to an inaccessible wallet so it's lost forever

  • Mint

    Validating info and registering on the blockchain

  • Decentralized

    A central authority (think Google or Facebook) is no longer brokering the actions of parties involved. Your data doesn't live behind a walled garden.

  • gm

    common good morning greeting

  • Rekt

    Suffering a huge loss

  • Miner

    A person who verifies transactions on the blockchain in a Proof of Work system

  • Gas

    Dynamic fee to conduct a transaction on the blockchain which fluctuates with demand

  • Trait

    An aspect of an NFT that is added to change the value or rarity of the NFT

  • NFT (Non-fungible token)

    Digital certificate of authenticity proving ownership of a unique digital asset. No two NFTs are alike!

  • PoS - Proof of Stake

    Consensus mechanism where crypto is put up to verify transactions and mint blocks to the blockchain. Do it wrong, and your crypto stake is slashed.

  • PoW - Proof of Work

    Consensus mechanism where miners solve puzzles to verify transactions and mint blocks. If they get it right they receive a reward.

  • Degen

    A lucky person who makes risky decisions

  • HODL

    Hold spelled wrong, used when you hang onto a digital asset

  • Layer 1

    Blockchain platform. Also known as mainnet, or base layer/p>

  • Layer 2

    Protocol built ontop of a L1 used to improve scalability, privacy, and add cross-chain communication

  • Metaverse

    A version of our world that is 100% digital. Be anyone you want to be and walk through virtual reality with an avatar.

  • Oracle

    An Oracle is allknowing, sharing data from the outside world with smart contracts.

  • Smart Contract

    Trusted self-executing code on the blockchain that eliminates the need for the middle man or central companies.


    We're All Gonna Make It! Web3 is all about the community and celebrating the success of others.

  • To the Moon

    Success of an asset will be so high it'll reach the moon

  • Crosschain

    An asset or tool that works on multiple blockchains

  • Rug Pull

    Crypto project scam where a large number of assets are sold at once and the price plummets

  • Airdrop

    Transferring assets to a user's wallet to increase awareness and adoption of a crypto project

  • 51% Attack

    The malicious control of over half of the nodes of a network allows the user or software to fake transactions.

  • ERC-721

    Ethereum token standard with properties that allow each NFC to be uniquely identified through specific properties

  • Coin

    A cryptocurrency built on its own native blockchain, intended to be used as a store of value and medium of exchange.

  • Doxed

    When the identity of project team members are known.

  • DAO

    Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Governed by users through voting and guidelines written on the blockchain.

  • dApp

    Decentralized Applications aren't centrally hosted and their code lives on the blockchain.

  • Bounty

    A reward users get for executing simple tasks to help a crypto project in exchange for a reward.

  • Royalty

    A percentage of future NFT sales that is intended to be returned back to the original creatives and artists

  • IRL

    In Real Life - i.e. not in the Metaverse. The Non-Fun Game is IRL!

  • Rabbit Hole

    Learning about web3, where everything you read about takes you down another path of learning more and more

  • Immutable

    Impossible to change. Blockchains are considered to be immutable once they reach a certain size

  • IPFS

    InterPlanetary File System a protocol, hypermedia and file sharing peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system.

  • Web3 Domain

    An NFT blockchain domain that acts as addresses for managing identity, assets, and payments securely. See Unstoppable Domains.

  • Soulbound

    Soulbound tokens can't be sold, transferred, or given away

  • Rare Gem

    Usually referring to an NFT that is unique, valuable, and pleasantly surprising

  • Up Only

    A saying of endearment for an NFT project that will never go down in value, it can go "up only".


Non-Fun Game Collections

The main playing deck includes 11 NFT collections: Seacats, Elephant Influencers, Hodl Hounds, Badass Bison, Crypto Cupcakes, BitBugs, Zombie Zil Zebras, Accidental Unicorns, Moona Lisas, Airdropped Antelope, and Web3 Domains from Unstoppable Domains. In the physical card game, a full collection is 2 to 4 pieces of art depending on the collection. Each piece holds a different cryptocurrency value, just like real NFTs. Use the Chameleon Coins as a wild card ("Rare Gem") to complete any set or one of the fused artwork collections as a rare gem for one of two NFTs depicted on the card. All of the NFTs are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

See All NFTs within the Collections


Phase 01

December 09, 2022

MVP Sample Play

We ordeed samples from a few different printers to test the game locally, iterate, and film a video of gameplay that we'll use to launch the crowdfunding campaign

Phase 02

March 2023

Crowdfunding Campaign Launch

Stay tuned.

Phase 03

March 2023

Non-Fun Game Original NFT Collection Launch

Own a piece of history. The 40 originally drawn NFTs from the Non-Fun Game will be offered as part of an NFT collection when the crowdfunding campaign launches. This includes the 3 Badass Bison. Owning one of them gives you rights to the original canvas artwork (shipping not included).

Phase 04

April, 2023

Zombie Zil Zebras Generative NFT Launch

The Zombie Zil Zebras, will be launched as a 10k piece generative NFT collection mintable on OpenSea. Be part of the pre-mint by holding any of the Non-Fun Game NFTs in your wallet.

Phase 05

May, 2023

Lifetime Non-Fun NFT Launch

Want proof you bought the physical card game and insider access to future roadmap drops? We'll be launching the lifetime Non-Fun NFT available to users who purchase the card game as a soulbound ERC-1155 NFT.

Phase 06

June, 2023

Expansion Pack #0

Our first expansion pack will be available for delivery and purchase including bounty cards, royalty cards, and new surprise NFT collections.

Phase 07

February, 2023

Moona Lisa Generative NFT Launch

We'll be turning the Moona Lisa Non-Fun Game NFT Collection into a 10k piece generative NFT collection mintable on OpenSea. Be part of the pre-mint by holding any of the Non-Fun Game NFTs in your wallet.

Phase 08


Female Set #0 Launched

To highlight women leaders in web3 we are introducing a women led expansion set from female founded NFT collections.

Phase 09


Expansion Pack #1

Want to see your NFT PFP mortalized as an expansion set for web3 enthusiasts around the world to admire? Reach out to us to ask about how to get your cards included in an expansion set.

Phase 10

Community Input

What do you want to see? We're looking for input based on the popularity of our NFT card game and artwork to hear what our community wants to see come next.

0d: 0h: 0m: 0s

wen Crowdfunding

Stay tuned!

Game Play Rules


Getting started

Card Box
  • Ages: 6+
  • Players: 2-5
  • Play Time: 30 mins

Shuffle the entire deck of 110 cards and deal out 5 cards to each player. The player who was the most recent person to buy or transfer an asset onchain goes first. If no one has ever purchased or transferred a digital asset on a blockchain, rock-paper-scissors to see who goes first. The rest of the cards are placed in the middle of the playing area as the Oracle.


Your turn

  1. First, draw two additional cards and put them in your hand (your cold wallet) -- if you don't have any cards to start your turn, draw 5 cards instead of 2.
  2. Next, play up to 3 cards to complete your turn. You may choose to play zero, one, two, or three cards.
  3. At the end of your turn, you may only have 7 cards in your hand. If you have more than 7, any additional cards need to be "burned". Place them in the discard/burn pile.

Once a card is placed down in a player's hot wallet or in the burn pile it is "minted" to the blockchain and can never be placed back in a player's cold wallet ever again. It is forever public knowledge.


Types of Cards

For each of your 3 moves, play one of three possible card types:

  1. Coins
  2. NFTs
  3. Actions
all cards

Transferring coins

  • When another player plays an action card it acts just like a smart contract would in web3. That means, you are required to transfer them coins or NFTs. However, only transfer the minted coins in front of you - from your hot wallet - that are already part of the blockchain. You can't mint (put down or play) cards that are still in your hand - your cold wallet.
  • Making change is not allowed. That means if you owe someone 1 coin and you only have a 5 coin in your wallet, you have to transfer the 5 coin card. **Note: This rule has nothing to do with web3 but makes game play much easier.
  • You can also transfer NFTs that have a cryptocurrency value, as coins.
  • If you don't have enough minted to satisfy the transfer balance, pay only as much as you can.
  • If you don't have anything, you simply can't satisfy the transaction.

Ending the Game

The first player to mint three complete NFT collections to their wallet, wins.


Common Misconceptions

  • Can you use an action transaction on a standalone rare gem? No. A rare gem wild card doesnʻt have a value for transactions by itself. You canʻt play a "Get Rekt" or "NGMI" action. It must be attached to another card to allow the owner of the rare gem card to get transactions from other players.
  • Can you have a set of only rare gems? Yes. For example if you have two of the rare gemʻs for the Seacat (Seacat + Elephant Influencer and Seacat + Accidental Unicorn) you could put the two together for a complete set. However, you couldnʻt ask other players to pay a transactions for that set.
  • Can you use a Hodl to stop the win? Yes. If someone uses a Hodl card to negate the win, everyone needs to get an extra NFT collection to win.
  • Does a Gas count as a move? Yes. Play a Gas card at the same time as a "Get Rekt" or "NGMI" action to double the amount of the transaction other players need to pay you. However, it counts as a move.

Confused by an action card or rule?

At any time, all players can vote as a Community to agree on the meaning of a rule. The game can evolve based on how your group wants to play it. Alternatively, ask questions for clarification in our nonfungame discord channel.

Bridging the digital and physical through non-fun hands-on games

how to play

Contact Us

  • We'd love to hear from you which NFT art should be part of future expansion sets or ideas for new rules or bounties. Our mission is to educate more humans about web3 through non-fun games.

  • As a female founded NFT-based game, we believe web3, and the benefits of decentralization, needs to be understood and explored by everyone.

  • meet the creator
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In Short: We do not knowingly collect data from or market to children under 18 years of age. We do not knowingly solicit data from or market to children under 18 years of age. By using the Services, you represent that you are at least 18 or that you are the parent or guardian of such a minor and consent to such minor dependent’s use of the Services. If we learn that personal information from users less than 18 years of age has been collected, we will deactivate the account and take reasonable measures to promptly delete such data from our records. If you become aware of any data we may have collected from children under age 18, please contact us at legal@nonfungame.xyz.


In Short: In some regions, such as Canada, you have rights that allow you greater access to and control over your personal information. You may review, change, or terminate your account at any time. In some regions (like Canada), you have certain rights under applicable data protection laws. These may include the right (i) to request access and obtain a copy of your personal information, (ii) to request rectification or erasure; (iii) to restrict the processing of your personal information; and (iv) if applicable, to data portability. In certain circumstances, you may also have the right to object to the processing of your personal information. You can make such a request by contacting us by using the contact details provided in the section "HOW CAN YOU CONTACT US ABOUT THIS NOTICE?" below. We will consider and act upon any request in accordance with applicable data protection laws. If you are located in the EEA or UK and you believe we are unlawfully processing your personal information, you also have the right to complain to your local data protection supervisory authority. You can find their contact details here: https://ec.europa.eu/justice/data-protection/bodies/authorities/index_en.htm. If you are located in Switzerland, the contact details for the data protection authorities are available here: https://www.edoeb.admin.ch/edoeb/en/home.html. Withdrawing your consent: If we are relying on your consent to process your personal information, which may be express and/or implied consent depending on the applicable law, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us by using the contact details provided in the section "HOW CAN YOU CONTACT US ABOUT THIS NOTICE?" below. However, please note that this will not affect the lawfulness of the processing before its withdrawal nor, when applicable law allows, will it affect the processing of your personal information conducted in reliance on lawful processing grounds other than consent. Opting out of marketing and promotional communications: You can unsubscribe from our marketing and promotional communications at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the emails that we send, or by contacting us using the details provided in the section "HOW CAN YOU CONTACT US ABOUT THIS NOTICE?"

below. You will then be removed from the marketing lists. However, we may still communicate with you — for example, to send you service-related messages that are necessary for the administration and use of your account, to respond to service requests, or for other non-marketing purposes. Account Information If you would at any time like to review or change the information in your account or terminate your account, you can: Log in to your account settings and update your user account. Upon your request to terminate your account, we will deactivate or delete your account and information from our active databases. However, we may retain some information in our files to prevent fraud, troubleshoot problems, assist with any investigations, enforce our legal terms and/or comply with applicable legal requirements. Cookies and similar technologies: Most Web browsers are set to accept cookies by default. If you prefer, you can usually choose to set your browser to remove cookies and to reject cookies. If you choose to remove cookies or reject cookies, this could affect certain features or services of our Services. To opt out of interest-based advertising by advertisers on our Services visit http://www.aboutads.info/choices/. If you have questions or comments about your privacy rights, you may email us at legal@nonfungame.xyz.


In Short: Yes, we will update this notice as necessary to stay compliant with relevant laws. We may update this privacy notice from time to time. The updated version will be indicated by an updated "Revised" date and the updated version will be effective as soon as it is accessible. If we make material changes to this privacy notice, we may notify you either by prominently posting a notice of such changes or by directly sending you a notification. We encourage you to review this privacy notice frequently to be informed of how we are protecting your information.


If you have questions or comments about this notice, you may email us at legal@nonfungame.xyz or by post to: Non-Fun Game __________ Bozeman, MT 59718 United States


Based on the applicable laws of your country, you may have the right to request access to the personal information we collect from you, change that information, or delete it. To request to review, update, or delete your personal information, please visit: nonfungame.xyz.

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